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Unmanned Surrogate/Simulation

UAV Pro offers a wide range of surrogate and simulated UAS services.










Simulated UAS Support

Equipping our manned aircraft with a SeaFlir II EO IR camera allows simulated UAS support outside of Restricted Airspace without an associated FAA certificate of authorization.  This capability can be invaluable for warfighters training in a CONUS environment where restricted airspace and/or the underlying infrastructure may be limited or not ideal.   Utilizing a manned aircraft yields a lower cost, more versatile operation that is not constrained by the fair weather requirements of CONUS unmanned operations.










Surrogate UAS Support

Manned aircraft are the ideal platform to test UAS payloads prior to actual integration. Comparable flight speeds, comparable power distribution, and versatile mounting configurations make our aircraft an ideal cost effective test platform. Surrogate Aircraft provide a lower cost, more reliable, IFR/VFR platform that is not dependent on Restricted Airspace or  Visual Flight Rules conditions. UAV Pro offers aircraft, pilots, and payload integration for a turnkey testing solution.










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