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Range Services










UAV Pro offers a wide variety of range services in support of currency, testing and evaluation, demonstrations, and training at our facilities in Blackstone, VA.  As your range coordinator we will schedule air space, facilitate frequency de-confliction, assess and issue system clearances and provide Certified Range Safety Officers to assure compliance of all customers’ activities in accordance with applicable range policies. We offer a turnkey range support service for any size range/flight operation. We have a variety of rental equipment, which includes (but is not limited to): operations trailer, all-weather trailer, tents, tables, chairs, porta-johns, generators, and catering services.  We also employ manned and unmanned pilots to assist in any additional flight requirements our customers may need.  Our motto is, “If you’re not successful, were not successful”.  If you are interested in UAV Pro’s range services please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to discuss all options available for your UAS operations.  Focus on you mission and let UAV Pro handle the rest!










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