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Ops Trailer










UAV Pro’s mobile operations trailer enhances any location with state of the art capabilities. Separate Command and Control (sterile), and Maintenance (dirty) rooms support professional, safe, efficient operations. Cutting edge, multichannel Wireless Headsets and Digital Closed Circuit Monitoring provide crew members with the ultimate in situational awareness.










Flight Deck

• Partitioned “Sterile Cockpit”

• Air Vehicle Operator Station

• Payload Operator Station

• MultiBand Video Receiver

• Closed Circuit Video of Launch & Recovery Area

• Digital Video Recorder for Flight Ops

• Digital Video Recorder for Video Downlink

• Wireless Headsets for Internal & External Communications

• Climate Controlled

Maintenance Bay

• Eight by Eighteen Area

• Pneumatic Launcher Capable

• Tool Control Organized Cabinet

• Parts Cabinet

• Wireless Headsets

• Fueling Station

• Aircraft Racks

• Stainless Equipment Racks

• Stainless Work Stations

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