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Quad -Band Video Receiver

MVR IV (Mini-ROVERTM) is a compact, rugged and lightweight multi-band receiver that provides its' user with the capability to directly receive live, full-motion video from a wide range of video transmission systems.  Mini-ROVERTM is fitted with four separate receivers, selectable from L, S, Lower C and Upper C bands.  Some of the numerous systems that the Mini-ROVERTM is compatible with all analog video transmitters.


Mini-ROVERTM weighs less than 5 pounds (including batteries), and will readily fit into a backpack or pocket.  Its' robust, weatherproof construction easily withstands real-world operating conditions.


It operates for up to 16 hours on internal (LiPO) batteries, or may be powered for extended periods using the provided BA-5590/U (and similar) battery adapter.  It may be operated continuously on external power.  The unit's flexible antennas provide long-range reception and have been designed to withstand handling and heavy use in adverse, combat conditions.


Mini-ROVERTM features a crisp 640x480 5.7" trans-reflective color TFT display, for critical viewing even in bright sunlight conditions.  Built-in processing power allows simultaneous viewing of live video and metadata, without the need for a separe laptop computer.  A BNC video output jack is provided, that enables separate recording of the unit's standard (RS-170) video signal.


Mini-ROVERTM features a full 1 year unconditional warranty


• Features four (4) analog receivers compatible with most imaging pods/UAVs transmitting analog video

• Full coverage of L, S, Lower C and Upper C bands--metadata ready

• Auto-scans to lock on frequency; direct frequency entry with auto-band select

• Ten (10) easily programmed channel presets per band

• Four (4) flexible, high-gain omnidirectional antennas provided

• Daylight-readable, backlit color TFT LCD display with integral sunshield/screen guard

• Built-in rechargeable long-life Li-Ion battery provides 8-16 hours of operation and features state of charge indicator

• Includes BA-5590, HMMWV, 110/220VAC-DC & 12-Volt cigar adapters

• Digital video recorder, analog -digital video converter, and S-band video tester included

• Lightweight (device is <5 lbs.) and rugged, with weatherproof construction

• Includes rugged hard-shell transportation/storage case

• Operational in seconds; easy to use--just turn it on!














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