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This vehicle is designed with modular wings and propulsion units to offer different flight characteristics in order to be flexible for changing environmental conditions and/or mission specific configurations.











The fuselage, light weight yet robust construction, is unique in that the structural skin is thermoformed over a durable foam core and then sealed and chemically bonded and reinforced at the seams. Hard points are throughout for anchoring components. Wings are composed of a durable EPP foam core strengthened with a combination of laminated wood, fibergalss, and and carbon spar blades then covered with a woven skin










Long Range

The HLE-3210 R/C Plane can be flown with a configuration of two  or four batteries for extended range flights. The HLE-3210 weighs approximately 7lbs and can remain in the air up to 2 hrs with 4 batteries.










High Performance

With a burst power of over 1500 watts the HLE-3210 exhibits specialty performance allowing rapid vertical climbs and very quick dash speeds. The oversized prop increases efficiancy and allows the HLE-3210 to remain in the air longer at cruise speeds.










Retractable Gimbal

A BTC 88 or BTC 101 gimbal provides a clear unobstructed view in 360°.  The gimbal is incorporated into the aerodynamic shape of the airframe and includes a retraction mechanism to pull the gimbal inside for landings. Beetle wing doors seal the gimbal compartment to protect the optics from debris on landings.










Technical Specifications

Wingspan: 78"

Length: 59“

Endurance: 2 Hrs

Mass Speed: 90 kts

Stall Speed: 20 kts

Power Plant: 1500+ watt Brushless motor

Airframe Weight: 3.6lbs

RC Flying Weight: 7lbs

UAV Flying Weight: 9lbs

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