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The FoxCar airframe is built using plywood laminate components and incorporates lightening holes, slot sockets and tabs.  The RTF airframe includes 21 foot composite wings, weighs less than 160lbs and has an available payload capacity of over 175lbs.

Power Plant

A 3W 340cc 30hp opposed twin engine is one of several optional powerplants for the FoxCar.

Quick Field Assembly

This twin boom pusher can easily be assembled or disassembled in the field. The boom attachment system is connected via two bolts and a strut brace to the landing gear.

Production Engineering

The FoxCar  has been developed with easy to assemble interchangeable CNC parts assuring strict quality control and accurate parts alignment.

Technical Specifications

Wingspan: 21'

Length: 15' 6" (16')

Empty Weight: 260 lbs

Gross Takeoff Weight: 299 lbs

Endurance: 4 hrs

Power Plant: 3W340cc

Power: 30Hp

Payload Capacity: >49lbs

Max Speed: 70kts

Stall Speed: 40 kts

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